freestone wilson (freestone) wrote in darkmirror,
freestone wilson

oops, me not Knowing the rules of "Communities"!

well well well, interesting Community response i got from my "61 kinds of drugs' post!!

some loved it, some did not at all, *really* did not like it, as the post did not fit in with the Community interest area!

I was clueless, even after reading the FAQ, abut the communities.
i assumed that they would be communities of posters who were interested in the same topic.
I am interested in Spirit, the occult, the afterlife....psychic, mediumship, etc...etc.

but i can see that a community is nearly a closed shop as far as individual interests go. they are really focused upon a certain topic, with little time for outsiders to enter.

would be like me butting into a long-ongoing conversation between people, in a small group of people!
no. I will stop posting my daily journal into communities.

I unsubscribed to several of them. but i will use the rest of my community list as just a way to go read some of the community
postings and maybe comment about that post, in these communities.


strange how my topic about the "61 drugs taken" was not an "occult" topic!
i see it is "occult' to the max!!

here i took a "X" and turned it into a "Y"!
that is Magik!! only I changed and that was enough all right; i did the magic onto myself.

a lady who takes too too many drugs!
a lady who can stay out of the Nusing home and be able to talk, read, live...on her own, yet, for awhile.
[we do not look down on wheelchairs or crutches do we?!]

Thus i did "Transformation".
but on me.

anyway...for all the "friends" that i surely have, from the posts into the Communities....i lament that i can only type 5wpm and have so little time to get really aquaunted with any one group.
if anyone wants to follow my journal...just sign up as my "friend"!

which is...
the same reason, no time, probably, why each community is a bit of an island unto itself, no new members allowed unless it is *exactly* on there is so so so little time, in the day, these days, for
*any* of us, thus each community *has* to be a bit closed. must be.

how would ya like to bake a cake at 450 degrees in the oven and every three minutes open the door of the oven to add yet another ingreidient to the cake?!!

so in the future, after this post, i will not post my JOURNAL DAILY ENTRY into any communities. I will just come read the entries of others, sometimes, to learn. and then maybe to post comments to whatever was said.

thanks ....'a newbie to communites" freestone
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